Corporate Social Responsibility

Through our corporate social responsibility practices, Cellular Solutions is striving to be a company that matches its fresh thinking with an equally clean and ethical approach to the way we go about our business and, of course, the people we do business with.

Key parts of our environmental vision are to reduce energy consumption, to use more power from renewable sources and to deliver new products and services that make a lower environmental impact across their entire life cycle.


A business with conscience

We have also increased our emphasis on reducing waste at the source and making use of it as a resource. This is why energy efficiency is now acknowledged throughout Cellular Solutions as a primary driver in procurement.

In this way, we can make the crucial move towards being a truly sustainable business. Our intelligent use of Destiny digital pens, combined with Blackberry smartphones, not only delivers a fantastic business advantage but they also cut down on our waste, fuel and carbon costs.

The good news is that many of our services offer great potential for conserving energy resources and improving quality of life. Emailing, texting, home working and teleconferencing all reduce the need to travel and the use of finite natural resources.


Especially in the community.

The environment is a major concern, but there are many other issues in the world around us that we care about.

Take our work with the Sunshine Fund for example; it’s a privilege to help this fantastic charity, whose aim is to enhance the lives of local disabled children and their families through the provision of essential equipment, learning aids and custom-built apparatus.

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