BlackBerry Device Switch App – Part One

The BlackBerry Device Switch app allows users to transfer to a BlackBerry device wirelessly.

The BlackBerry Device Switch app can be used for Android, iPhone or BlackBerry 7 handsets. It allows users to transfer the following information:

– Contacts (including contact photos, birthdays, etc.)
– Calendar items (including recurring entries)
– Camera photos
– Camera videos
– And more depending on the device that you are switching from

This can be done by following the BlackBerry Device Switch app instructions. A five part process, steps one and two are detailed below:

Step 1 – Install the BlackBerry Device Switch app on your old device and new device

Using the web browser on each device, navigate to Doing so opens the respective store on your device and allows you to install the BlackBerry Device Switch app.

After you complete the installation, connect each device to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2 – Open the Device Switch app on your old and new device
After connecting both devices to same Wi-Fi network, open the Device Switch app on each device, review the instructions and you’ll notice that your devices automatically discover each other.

Note: Corporate, academic, or public networks may be configured to prohibit devices from connecting to each other so you may need to use Wi-Fi at home

After your old device discovers your new device, select your new device and enter the PIN that appears on your old device. After you verify your PIN, select the information on your old device that you would like to transfer.

After you select the information, tap Next to start the transfer process. Progress of the transfer will appear on each device.

Transferring a lot of data may take some time but you can still multitask and use your device while the transfer occurs

The three remaining BlackBerry Device Switch steps will be uploaded tomorrow.

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