Device Switch App – Part Two

The Device Switch app allows users to transfer to a BlackBerry 10 device wirelessly.

Part one of this blog detailed the first two steps of this five-part process. You can find this post by clicking here.

The final three Device Switch app steps are detailed below:

Device Switch app Step 3 – Add your email and social networking accounts

After you successfully transfer your data, all that’s left to do is set up your email and social network accounts on your new BlackBerry 10 device.

Tap Settings followed by Accounts, and then select the type of account want to add.

Device Switch app Step 4 – Secure your new device and turn on BlackBerry Protect

When you have finished setting up your accounts and adding your personal information to your new device, take a moment to set a device password. Doing so can prevent unwanted access if you leave your device unattended, and in the event you misplace your device, no one can view your personal information.

To set up a device password, complete the following steps:

– On the home screen, swipe down of the top of the screen
– Tap Settings followed by Security and Privacy
– Tap Device Password
– To set a device password comprising characters and numbers, set the Device Password switch to On, and then enter your desired password twice
– To set a quick device password comprising only numbers, set the Simple Password switch to On, and then enter your desired password twice

After you set a device password, turn on BlackBerry Protect. Doing so can save you a lot of frustration if you ever misplace your device. To learn more check out our post on how to find a lost BlackBerry 10 smartphone using BlackBerry Protect.

Device Switch app Step 5 – Learn more and where to find help

The easiest way to learn more about your new BlackBerry 10 device and the Device Switch app is by opening the Help app, which contains a lot of useful information ranging from tips and tricks to how-to overviews.

You can also view, or optionally download and save the user guide for your device by visiting

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