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Box is a powerful online storage and collaboration tool available here at Cellular Solutions which allows businesses of all sizes to share and store content online.
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With Box, you can share and collaborate documents easily from both inside and outside the company. Download the Box app onto your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops and you and your team will also be able to work together virtually anywhere.

Why use Box Online Storage?

Box: collaborating, storing and sharing documents online made easy. Because it’s built for business, Box is scalable and highly secure. Its unique collaboration tools also mean you can see, track and control all your documents, all the time.

Further benefits of Box online storage services include:

  • Get more done by collaborating online: Upload files and share with anyone, as well as make notes, create project plans and more.
  • Secure online storage for all your documents: Get unlimited storage with Box Business
  • Save and view virtually any file format: Box works with Mac and PC, Android, Windows, iOS and BlackBerry, as well as with virtually all kinds of files and data. As such, you can view Photoshop documents in Box even if you don’t have Photoshop, for example.
  • Keep total control of all your documents: Even if several people are working on a file, you’ll always know which is the latest version.
  • Store your important documents to keep them safe: Online storage gives you secure backup and encryption, thus protecting your important information against fire, floods or theft.
  • Get easy access wherever you are: You and your team can get to your documents from anywhere on any device so long as they have an internet connection.

Want to know to learn more about Box Online Storage services, make a purchase or to discover how we can implement the technology across your business? Call us on 08700 118 000 or contact us here.

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