Types Of Landline

With so many options and types of landline out there, Cellular Solutions understands how it can sometimes get complicated and confusing.

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As a supplier of O2 business landlines, we are fortunately on hand to provide useful and helpful information on choosing the right landline for your business. Take a look at our information of the various landline types available to you below and feel free to contact us if you need further help, as well as to buy the technology that best suits your organisation.


Single Analogue Business Landlines

A standard analogue business line that is primarily used for making voice calls, connecting to fax machines and to receive business broadband.


Multi Line Analogue Business Landlines

Having an additional business line allows you to receive a call whilst using the other line for business calls, broadband etc. Should a call come through to an engaged line, the call will simply be passed to the next available line using the same number.


ISDN2e Business Landlines

A single high-quality digital line that has two 64k channels, each used as a separate line for voice, data, video or fax. You can add further ISDN2e circuits to your installation, increasing the number of simultaneous connections and/or available data bandwidth and thus making it an ideal solution for small businesses which need to send and receive data files.

ISDN business lines allow you to have separate phone numbers allocated to your users too, either via devices connected directly to the circuit or through a PBX phone system.


ISDN30 Business Landlines

Used by larger organisations, ISDN30 business lines support between 8 and 30 digital channels and provide all of the features of ISDN2e.


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