Managing a CRM project – Top tips

Managing a CRM project can sometimes prove to be a large, time consuming job, however correct management from the outset can vastly improve the success of a project, resulting in a seamless transition for an organisation and its staff.

This post focuses on managing a CRM project and provides top tips for users to consider before and during the installation process.

Managing a CRM project – Vision

In the initial sages of a CRM project it’s important to have a clear vision of what you are trying to do. Considering what you want your CRM system to do can be a very good starting point. Are you looking for better visibility of the sales pipeline, better control over diaries, better management of customer service issues, a quicker order to invoice timeline, a quicker prospect to customer timeline or other benefits? Whatever your vision is, make sure it is well defined and clear to all concerned. Obviously your objectives may change as you move forward but starting off in a clear direction is a great place to to start.

Managing a CRM project – Implementation acceptance

Once the project’s vision is clear and your chosen supplier has helped you build the system, make sure you get some training on the system and then start using it straight away. The longer a system is left untouched, the harder it is for users to remember how to use this. You need to be ready to hit the ground running immediately. You also need to make sure your staff are prepared for the system. They should already have a clear understanding of your own business processes and how the CRM system can support this. The new system, if built correctly, should mirror those processes and will slot in easily, especially when teamed with the correct training.

Managing a CRM project – Keep it simple

By far this is the most important advice. Keep your vision simple. This will allow your developer to build the system in a quicker and easier manner, thus saving you money. Our experience also shows that users will accept the system quicker, decreasing your ROI timescales. Taking a modular approach to implementation will also help with this.

Following these points can make managing a CRM project a much easier and hassle-free experience.

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