O2 McAfee Multi-Access

O2 McAfee Multi-Access is an anti-virus solution that provides cross device security for companies with between 1 and 10 employees.

O2 McAfee Multi-Access, which works across computers, tablets and mobile devices, is ideal for those who do not have their own company security in place. The software has many capabilities that are not available through other provides, such as security for iPads and iPhones. This means O2 is able to offer a single product that provides protection across all device platforms. Additionally, the O2 McAfee Multi-Access product is managed from a single easy-to-use management console.

The top three benefits of the O2 McAfee Multi-Access software are:

– Virus protection for all devices (PCs, laptops, phones, tablets) – all through one license.

– Loss and theft protection for all devices, with features including Remote Alarm, Tracking and Data Wiping Features.

– Password protection for all logins on all devices. SafeKey remembers and keeps all passwords safe and gives a single password for all online activity such as banking, Facebook etc.

If you would like further information about O2 McAfee Multi-Access, please contact us.

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