O2 TU Go App 2.0 now available

The O2 Tu Go App has received an update, taking the current version to 2.0.

The O2 Tu Go App allows users to answer their phone and receive texts in areas of no signal, via a WiFi connection. The O2 Tu Go App can also be used on laptops and tablets, ensuring users can easily communicate with family, friends and colleagues wherever they are.

With over 400,000 users now using the O2 Tu Go App, O2 has undertaken its biggest update so far, making the O2 Tu Go App experience sleeker and smoother than ever. The new features that users can now enjoy include:

– Threaded conversations and new conversation view: This has been tidied up, meaning users can now see all of their calls, messages and voicemails from a contact in one place.

– Switch on, switch off: In the O2 Tu Go App 2.0, users can decide when it is active with an easy-access on/off button. They can also see – at a glance – what kind of service quality they can expect from the WiFi connection they are using.

– Call Fallback Mode: A brand new feature in O2 Tu Go App 2.0, Call Fallback Mode puts users even more in control. At the flick of a switch, they can tell the app to only receive calls via TU Go when there’s no signal available.

The O2 Tu Go App is currently available to all Pay Monthly customers using iOS (5+), Android (2.3+) and Windows 7 for PC.

The application is free to download and any calls or texts made via the TU Go O2 app are taken out of the user’s existing O2 bundle of allowance. This means that no costs are incurred when using other devices. Calls and texts can be made to people outside of O2, even if they do not have the app downloaded on their phone. The contacts will notice no difference, as the calls, text and voicemails will still be made over the O2 network.

The app can be downloaded now by clicking here.

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