O2 Worldwide Roaming Charges Update

New O2 worldwide roaming charges are now in operation for Business customers meaning they will no longer need to worry about hidden roaming charges or rely on expensive wifi while travelling outside of Europe.

Today,O2 has launched two new O2 worldwide roaming data Bolt Ons to help keep customers connected at a clear and affordable price.

The two O2 worldwide roaming packages are:
1) Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On: £7.50 (for up to 200MB data). Ideal for occasional travellers.
2) Worldwide data Bolt On: £120 ex VAT (for up to 2GB data). Perfect for those taking longer business trips.

The amount of O2 worldwide roaming data will vary depending on the country visited. There are five data roaming zones.

The 24 hour O2 worldwide roaming Bolt On will be automatically added to any new business customers’ accounts from today. The customer will only be charged for the Bolt On when they leave the UK and use data abroad.

The new O2 worldwide roaming Bolt Ons offer peace of mind, control, flexibility and convenience when customers use data abroad. They’re also fantastic value and extremely competitive. Zones 1, 2 & 3 cover 90% of customers’ existing data roaming traffic, and the allowances offered within those zones will enable O2 to meet customers’ roaming needs in 137 countries.

Further O2 worldwide roaming benefits include:
• Large data allowances
• The packages will only when used (after 50KB)
• Automated renewal
• Simple and clear price structure
• Usage alerts
• The ability to take your data between zones
• Clear data travel zones

When customers leave the UK they will now receive a “Bon Voyage” message when they have reached their destination, which will explain that they have the Bolt On and can start using it, or choose to change it via text according to their needs.

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