Sage 200 Bill Of Materials Module

The Sage bill of materials module (or BOM as it is often known) is functionality that is available in Sage 200.
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The Sage bill of materials module allows companies to assemble stock into built items. This functionality is ideal for companies who have light assembly requirements within their organisation, however they are not at the level where they require the Sage 200 manufacturing model.

Some of the key features of the Sage bill of materials module include:

  • The ability to use version control for BOMs, allowing multiple versions of a BOM with audit trail options.
  • The ability to break down a user’s business into areas such as machines, operations, materials and labour.
  • The ability to set up sub-assemblies to use on BOMs as well as specific components.
  • The ability to group individual BOM records into Bill of Materials groups to enable companies to process more efficiently.
  • The option to add notes, attachments and drawings to BOM records for a clearer picture of the end product that is being built.
  • Facility to print BOM picking lists.
  • Integration with the nominal ledger and stock control modules.
  • Ability to obtain costings for each build run. Costings can be ran on individual or multiple BOMs basis and include overheads.
  • A breakdown of the costs can be viewed once the BOM has been costed.
  • An option to import Bill of Materials records in XML format. A conversion tool is available to convert certain Bill of Materials CSV files to the required XML format, which will enable users to set up BOMs more quickly.
  • Several standard BOM reports including reporting on BOM costing history, allocation information, build information, construction information and traceable components.
  • The BOM explosion feature which allows users to see the structure of a BOM from top down. This can be printed to assist an organisation’s warehouse staff.
  • The BOM implosion feature which allows users to see which BOMs an item is used on. This can be printed or sent to excel.
  • A maximum build enquiry screen to determine the maximum of a BOM that can built based on current free stock.
  • A trial kitting feature which enables users to check whether you have enough stock to build your BOMs

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