Sage Payroll Software

Available to purchase here at Cellular Solutions, this software enables businesses to efficiently submit their payroll to HMRC. Over 50 per cent of UK businesses use this software, which is extremely easy to use even for those without prior knowledge of payroll.
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Sage Payroll software is designed in a way to ensure your payroll is compliant, and, most importantly, hassle-free.
  • Remove the hassle of payroll with this hassle-free software.
  • Easy setup and use, with no HR professional required.
  • Join 50 per cent of UK businesses using Sage Payroll.
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Key Features of Sage Payroll

Choose Sage Payroll software and benefit from a number of fantastic features, which include the following:

  • You’re compliant with HMRC: Sage is HMRC-recognised software, thus ensuring you’re up-to-date with the latest payroll and pension legislation, including workplace pensions such as Auto Enrolment and RTI.
  • Assistance in employee management: All employee information is securely stored, with holidays and absences all recorded.
  • Organise and understand your data: Get customisable reports and drill down to the information you need.
  • Easy setup and use: No expertise in payroll is needed, and you can get up-and-running quickly.
  • Hassle-free payroll: Automatically calculates wages, allowing for easy set-up and customisable deductions.
  • Simple, speedy automated payslips: One-click payslips sent to the email addresses of employees.

To find out more about Sage Payroll, arrange a demo, make a purchase or discover how we can implement the technology across your business, please call us on 08700 118 000 or contact us here.