Toll Fraud – What is it?

The threat of toll fraud against businesses is growing and those affected can be left with bills which run into thousands and we have put together a comprehensive guide to help businesses understand what this is and how it can be prevented. Part one of this blog details what toll fraud is.

What is toll fraud?
Toll fraud is a fraudulent attempt by a hacker to gain unlawful remote access to a phone system, usually via an open SIP port. Attacks are often highly organised from an automated server and once accessed, fraudulent calls are connected and over a period of time, can run up call charges of potentially thousands.

Typically, these occur out of office hours and are usually discovered after the event when it’s too late and businesses are left to cover the costs.

The statistics
It is estimated that the cost of toll fraud each year is in excess of £25.5 billion. £1.2 billion of this is to UK companies. Of all UK businesses, 84% are considered to be a target for phone hacking and there is an increase of approximately 15% of global fraud year-on-year.

The costs of a typical toll fraud attach on a UK business is £10,000.

10 reasons why you need Toll Fraud Guard

1. Peace of mind with an effective toll fraud defence
2. ‘On duty’ 24 /7/365 24/7
3. Helps prevent toll fraud attacks which can easily cost thousands
4. Low cost on-board solution (£99 / €100 RRP) with no extra cost of PC server required (unlike other solutions in the marketplace)
5. Tailored specifically to the needs of your business and call patterns
6. Zero maintenance solution which ‘sits in the background’ – until any alerts are triggered
7. Easy to use: alerts are easily switched off if telephone usage is legitimate
8. Acts as a strong deterrent to internal telephone abuse
9. Flexible solution with easy updates via online Application Manager
10. 60 day trial – try before you buy

“Not only does this detect a suspected toll fraud attack, it can also help prevent internal abuse of the phone system”

This is included in every phone system that Cellular Solutions provide, is yours protected..?

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Part two of this blog will detail the options available to companies who wish to protect themselves from this growing risk.

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